Yoshiki --( ??/ male)--
Birthday: Februrary 10th

Yoshiki is the son of Arcana and Mordecai, the current leaders of the rather meager population of Harpies. Other than that, not much is known about him. He is somewhere around twenty years old, but exact details about him are fuzzy -- he was very well protected by his parents. When Arcana vanished a few years after he was born, Yoshiki was later sent to find her; however, he soon disappeared as well.

Yoshiki is extraordinarily powerful, which is why it is strange that he seems to have been captured along with his mother. As a child, his only friend was Silvius, a harpy girl whose family were traditionally attendants to his.

Fun Stuff:

Likes: n/a


Relationships: Arcana (mother); Mordecai (Father); Silvius (friend)

Distinguishing Features
: No one really knows exactly what he looks like. ^^;

Other: Just don't cross him. Really. In true Harpy fashion, he can be very, very cruel and doesn't mind hurting others when he has to. (And sometimes when he doesn't.)