Vincent Romero --( 26 (22 eternally)/male )--
Birthday: January 4th

Vincent was a relatively happy, well-adjusted young man, until the vampire Adonis decided he wanted him as his pet. After being turned and living this way for a few months, he still hadn't taken very well to losing his humanity, and he became deeply depressed. However, during a hunt, he met Holden and immediately felt attracted to him. Holden gave him a reason to sever himself from Adonis, and the goal of re-attaining his humanity.

Due to a strange accident, his own instability, and the tricky mechanics of vampirism, Vincent now resides inside his own mind, while the abusive impulses of Adonis control his words and actions. He fights to bring a sort of balance between the two consciousnesses. Meanwhile, he is determined to do anything to get Holden back -- even if it means forcing him to become a vampire as well.

Fun Stuff:

Likes: Holden (a bit too much perhaps); wolves; forests/dark outdoor places; his obsession with Holden pretty much pushes everything else aside. ^^;

Harpies; solitude; drinking female blood; music of almost all kinds.

Relationships: parents; Holden (ex-boyfriend); Kisoka (ex-friend); Adonis (former master)

Distinguishing Features: Those big bright red evil eyes. Also has black, claw-like fingernails.

Other: Why are all Vincent's relationships "ex-es"? Poor guy.