Tobias Minh--(40/ male)--
Birthday: May 3rd

Tobias was the priest at the church where he lived with Dominick, and for a short time, Holden. He was very protective of the two boys, especially after perceiving that strangers and other dangerous creatures were beginning to skulk around the church. For that, he has Dominick's adoration and loyalty, even after he had to scar the boy's face to protect him from being possessed. The church is boarded up now, and Tobias travelled with Dominick for a few years before settling down to become a teacher.

Tobias is a very isolated person, though he's actually quite friendly. He gets sick easily, and when he does, he travels to visit a doctor in another town, leaving Dominick to look after things while he's gone. His presence is rather comforting, but given that there aren't many people he likes to be around for any length of time, only a few get to enjoy that comfort.

Fun Stuff:

Likes: reading; forests; evening walks; sunrises; teaching

being around people for too long; cold; being so damnably sick all the time;

Relationships: Dominick (adopted son)

Distinguishing Features
: Long brown hair, those lines underneath his eyes. He's pretty ordinary looking.

Other: It's possible he hates being near people because he's ill enough as it is without dealing with extra germs. ^_^;;