Sloane Nicholas --( 22/ male)--
Birthday: November 29th

Sloane is the bassist in Caine's band, and is a very soft-spoken and kind-hearted person. The kind that is embarrassed easily and buys lemonade from little kids and moves caterpillars off the sidewalk. You know the type. He's sort of the voice of reason between Caine's outbursts and Harper's...stoic unpredictability. (I can't think of any other way to describe it.)

Of course, this wouldn't be Arcana if there was a happy character at this point, but Sloane is as close as there is so far. Sloane's purpose comes a little later in the story, and it's probably best not to go into it, but Kisoka finds a use for him. There you have it. Possibly the most stable character, aside from maybe Azriel's sister, who doesn't really count.

Fun Stuff:

Likes: music; sleep; drawing; the beach; star-gazing; ... he just finds enjoyment in a lot of simple things.

Excessively pushy or cruel people; his own weaknesses; potentially embarrassing situations; isolation

Relationships: parents; Caine, Harper, Holden (friends)

Distinguishing Features
: Bright green eyes and emo glasses

Other: I think Sloane is the least angsty character in this entire story. He pretty much knows how to just take what comes along, even the end of Chapter 4, if you've read the comic before looking at these bios. ^^; It's nice to have a mature character like him hanging around.