The End

Sort of. Things don't quite end where I left off drawing the comic. Extreme pressure from that pesky real life I lead
ensured that I can't continue drawing Arcana anymore. But instead of just leaving the story unfinished, I figured I'd try
to at least give an idea of where things would go from here. There are some things you should know before getting
into the summary first, though.

1. -- I scribbled this out in a relatively short amount of time, but the comic had been written over a period of two
years. The story changed as I was writing and drawing it, and I have no doubt that the summary you're about to read
would have changed too if I'd had that kind of time. (For example, despite having a huge impact on the story,
Vincent's character didn't even exist in those first few pages of the comic. ^_^;) So the summary is far from
perfect, it's just the best I could do with the ideas I had at the time.

2. -- When Kouri and Karasu write out the story in prose form, it's likely that some things will be different
from what I've written in the summary (given what I've just said above, yo). Things like that are just bound to happen.

3. -- I realize the story's pretty long and convoluted, so to make things easier, whenever there's a reference in the
summary to some obscure fact in the comic, I've linked the text to the comic in question. n.n

With that in mind, please continue. ^__^

(Broken up into sections because it's a bit long)

1. -- Sept 14th (26 days remain) to Sept 25 (15 days remain)
2. -- Sept 30 (10 days remain) to Oct 10
3. -- Confrontations