Kisoka --( 25/female )--
Birthday: June 17th

Kisoka prefers to keep to herself, though she gets very heavily involved in the events happening around Holden, seemingly determined to keep him from harm. She has acted suspiciously in the past however, playing an important part in how Vincent came to belong to Adonis, and is in no hurry to reveal her motives. For this reason, she is difficult to trust. She seems to shift between Holden and Adonis when it comes to interest in their parts in whatever mission she is carrying out, but both are constantly under her watch.

Both Kisoka's parents are at least half-demon. She lived with her mother and went to school normally until she was about 20, but left suddenly when she was contacted by her father, whom she had never met. She hasn't been in contact with either of them since; she's more concerned with her current activities, and can't afford to just stop and go home.

Fun Stuff:

Likes: Sports; fighting; warmth (hence the heavy jacket); animals

Her father; winter; water; vampires; pretty much everyone that stands in her way;

Relationships: Mia (mother); Vincent (ex-friend)

Distinguishing Features: Her hair is two different colors (take a close look), and her eyes are slitted.

Other: It happens rarely nowadays, but when she's not absolutely fixated on something, she can be pretty clutzy. ^^;