Arcana, as I'm sure you've gathered already, is the Queen of the Harpies. She's at least a few hundred years old, though still appears rather young, and spent many years learning as much magic as possible. Because of her power and noble birth, she is well-respected, and she is loved for her strength and beauty and wisdom. So you can imagine how mightily pissed off the Harpies were when she was abducted. ^_^

Since the Harpies are so aggressive, they would often get the other races rather angry with them, and have started more wars than any of the other inhabitants of the land. After a particularly heated battle with the Elves (before they decided to officially keep out of any conflicts), Arcana was at a weak point, having used up nearly all of her energy in battle. In an effort to stop the Harpies from instigating any more wars, the Elves kidnapped her, believing that the Harpies would be weakened without their Queen.

They couldn't, however, figure out how exactly to kill her. Even ordinary Harpies are notoriously difficult to kill, so killing Arcana proved to be next to impossible, even as weak as she was. Over the next twenty years, she was stolen from the Elves by the Vampires, then from the Vampires by an unknown group, and so on, until her whereabouts became completely unknown.

With the right mind-controlling spell or other form of persuasion, someone could force Arcana to use her power to destroy cities and entire races of people. This seems to be the goal, though this goal could belong to anyone, especially with the Harpies' track record against the world. However, before she was imprisioned by whoever has her now, Arcana voluntarily gave up her own power, shattering it into countless pieces to prevent anyone from misusing it. A mass genocide is being delayed only by the fact that Arcana's captor has to restore her power before any plans may continue. In the meantime, she sleeps in a forgotten place...


"Shattered her power'??

That's right. Arcana infused her power into everything living that could take it, anything, just to get it out of the reach of her captors. Plants, animals, and people, and when those things that hold her power die, the energy isn't destroyed, but returns to her. Weird, huh?


Anything else?

Well, Arcana does have a husband, though he does not have as much power and influence as she does. But he's doing as good a job as he can at holding the Harpies together. (They're not used to having a King instead of a Queen). They have one son, Yoshiki, who was sent to get his mother back when he was young, but never returned. The official feeling is that the Elves have control over both the Harpies, though they deny it and there is a lack of solid proof. Yoshiki can be pretty vicious, and has magic of his own that would be lethal if he decided to attack someone with it, but he is also being kept subdued like his mother. Anyone who stands in the way of their reunion can be assured of a painful death. n.n;