Holden Ashwood --( 21/male )--
Birthday: September 8th

Holden's earliest memories are of arriving at a church, where he was taken in by the priest there, Tobias, and his adopted son Dominick when he was 10. He doesn't remember how he came to be there, where he'd been beforehand, or what happened to cause his amnesia. He chose to stay at the church under Tobias' care, and became good friends with Dominick.

After narrowly esacaping a cerberus that chased him away from the church, Holden came to live with a woman and her son, who had also been attacked by the demon. Currently, Holden and his adopted brother Caine both attend university in a nearby city, away from their mother's home. Prior to university, Holden was rather friendly and outspoken like his brother, but due to traumatic events the summer before he began school, he is now much more reserved and careful about who he lets approach him. Due to his recovery from a mental hospital after that summer, he is a year behind in his studies.

Holden has two curious abilities that no one can figure out the sources of: the ability to sexually attract people like white on rice, and the ability to reflect physical pain on others. And though no one would ever say it, even he knows his yellow eyes are highly unnatural.

Fun Stuff:

Likes: Animals; snow; traveling/driving; alcohol (which makes him brutally honest); reading; animated movies.

Strangers; being confined or restrained; being alone; sleeping without a plushie; rain; thunderstorms

Favorite Plushies: Usagi-chan (pink bunny); Cactrot (green cactus); Wampa (white
bear w/eyepatch); Vulpix (brown fox...yes, the Pokémon. n.n)

Relationships: Vincent (ex-boyfriend); Caine (adopted brother); Soleil (adopted mother); Azriel, Sloane, Dominick, Tobias (friends); Mana (pet cat)

Distinguishing Features
: Plenty. The yellow eyes, bandages covering his right forearm, a small cross scar on his left forearm, and scars from claw marks on his chest. Ouch.

Other: Mild fear of dogs; stronger fear of being controlled