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Wallpaper 1024

Caine, Az, Holden and Dom in a spiffy wallpaper. Actually, it's a pretty cheap wallpaper. Shhh. :)


Valentine's Day

Holden and Dominick. Wow, it's hard to write comments about old pictures. Uh... Holden's too short here. >_>; And the hands are weird. But oh well!


Love Bite? (*cough*)

Holden and Vincent shounen-ai goodness. Vincent's hair is blindingly purple! And I have this problem that involves drawing Holden younger than he's supposed to look...


Rocker Caine ^^

Meh, I'm never going to color this...People seem to like using it to practice coloring on though. ^_^ So at least it's serving some sort of purpose.


Merry Christmas

Old picture I did for Christmas 2001. It was on another site I started but abandoned after Arcana opened. Since I liked the picture anyway... here it is? Dom and Holden, and they look their ages!


Midnight Sakura

The "nice Vincent" fanfiction finally got to me. ^_^; A couple of people mentioned that Holden and Vincent liked to lay under a sakura tree during their time together... do they? Who knows. They do now!



Boring title. Came out prettily, though not without difficulty. n.n I underestimated the piano...oh yes. Never underestimate the piano.























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