Dominick Minh --( 24/male )--
Birthday: April 23rd

Dominick's parents both died when he was still a child -- that is to say, it seems that his father had killed his mother, and then committed suicide, though the circumstances of the situation are unknown. Since they lived in a small, closely-knit town, the priest at the local church knew them and pitied the orphan Dominick, and this is how he came to live at the church with Tobias. Holden joined them a year later. Soon afterward, when he was thirteen, Dominick was suddenly possessed by a demon, and he murdered a man while he was under this influence. Tobias cut a cross on his face to ward off any futher demon attacks, but he still hasn't dealt with his crushing guilt.

Dominick is now studying to be a teacher, and still stays close to Tobias. He feels indebted to the professor-priest, and makes it his duty to take care of business when Tobias is ill, which happens frequently. He also feels a sort of guilt towards Holden, since he is the person who burned his right arm which hasn't yet healed. Strangely, Dominick was not affected by Holden's pain-reflection when he did this, under the unknown demon's possession.

In all matters except for his parents, Dom is very open and affectionate, and cares very deeply for Holden, though he's more than a little annoyed to know that this might only be a result of Holden's attraction power.

Fun Stuff:

Likes: Graveyards; ravens; fall season; cooking; piano

cleaning; noisy people/crowds; fighting; cats

Relationships: Parents, deceased; Tobias (adopted father); Holden (childhood friend)

Distinguishing Features: Small cross scar on his right cheek

Other: Because of his biological father, he strongly disapproves of suicide and violence in general.