Caine Corrigan --( 22/male)--
Birthday: December 13th

Known mostly to proclaim his own sexiness at random and often inappropriate times, Caine is not quite the ditz he seems. He only takes it upon himself to be serious at the times when it's really needed -- his philosophy is that everyone else is serious enough all other times to make up for him. As a result, people tend to be surprised when he drops the clueless act, and he can be almost scary when truly angry. It's kinda reassuring to know that the cluelessness isn't entirely an act. ^^;; *pets him*

He lost his left eye after being attacked by a demi-cerberus, the same one that tried to kill Holden, and this left him with a disabling phobia of dogs. Caine also took it upon himself at a very young age to protect his adopted brother, something he still takes very seriously, but is starting to let go of a bit. He's a very loyal and true friend, if you can handle him when he's hyped up on coffee and decides he's proud of his boxers.

Fun Stuff:

Likes: guitars; playing music; coffee; performing in any way possible; being the center of attention; staying up late; parties

dogs; morning; people messing with his friends; shopping

Relationships: Soleil (mother); Holden (adopted brother); Azriel, Sloane, Harper (friends)

Distinguishing Features
: The studded collar; hair covering where his left eye should be.

Other: Smokes when he's stressed out. I also really have no idea who his father is. The idea that he might have one never once occured to me, so I figure it's a bad idea to just stick one there without purpose. So it's not a conspiracy or anything. ^^; If you're really curious, I'm betting his father was just a low-life who just kinda left his mother.