Azriel Shaw --( 21/ female)--
Birthday: September 30th

Azriel met Holden and Caine when she and Holden were both starting high school. Initially, she was drawn to the pretty-boy, but settled for being his friend when it was made clear he liked other pretty-boys. ^_^; She still felt the need to stick with him, and the three of them became friends rather easily. Currently, she lives in the city in which they attend university, and her house serves as a sort of base of operations.

Due to the fact that his single mother had to work, and Caine had no idea how to handle it when Holden later ended up in the hospital, Azriel was left to stay with him. When Holden did eventually come back to awareness, she kept very careful watch over him and his brief periods of suicidal tendencies, until he was more or less back to his old self. Even now, she worries over him out of habit.

Az is rather carefree, good-natured, and mock-fights with her sister a lot, but she also gets jealous easily and hates Vincent with a burning passion, though she tries not to express that in Holden's presence.

Fun Stuff:

Likes: parties; her sister; plushies; board games; swimming/summer in general; food

Vincent, intensely; arguments; not knowing what's going on; people being in bad moods

Relationships: parents; Coral (younger sister); Holden, Caine (friends); Pepper (puppy)

Distinguishing Features: None, unless you count the bright red hair.

Other: Otherwise known as Holden's plushie-dealer. Usagi-chan was one of many to come from her. ^_^

(Currently, there are no pictures here because I haven't done any of her I like. ^_^;) -- Kelly