Adonis Minh--Age: 67 (28 eternally)/ male --
Birthday: June 24th

Adonis wasn't much more than a cruel, lustful vampire when he began stalking Vincent, purely for amusement. He enjoyed watching Vincent suffer so much that he decided to turn him and keep him around for a while longer. He was abusive and careless, and always attempted to inflict as much emotional torment as possible upon his "playthings" -- lesser, weaker, often 'newborn' vampires he kept around as a sort of harem. Vincent was his favorite among them, and he was so lost in his depression that Adonis simply never thought him even capable of retaliating. He's paid the price for that mistake.

Fun Stuff:

Likes: N/A


Relationships: Vincent (former "pet")

Distinguishing Features
: Stark white hair and green eyes.